Friday, January 19, 2007

She's Leaving Home

I'm filled with anxiety today. I am preparing to leave my family for 11 days. On the other hand, I'm very excited because I'm leaving so I can be at the birth of my sister's third baby. I think this will be the longest time I will have spent away from my kids. What will they do without me? Will my husband be a better mom than I am? Will he be able to keep a cleaner house while taking care of 4 children? Will my kids have more fun with him and their grandmothers than they do with me? Will he be better at the shopping? Will he get them to, and pick them up from school on time (something I rarely do)? Will I be missed? Oh no, will they miss me too much? Will they cry every night for their mommy? Will my daughter wind up with damaged hair because nobody knows how to properly care for it except me? Will they eat well? Will my hubby buy the right foods or will he feed them nothing but pizza, waffles, and ramen noodles (something I've been know to do occasionally)? Will someone forget to take them or pick them up from school? Will my mother or my mother-in-law lose one of my kids while my husband is at work?
There are too many unknowns, maybe I should stay home. Or maybe I should trust that the man I married and the women who raised us will take just the right amount of care of my children.