Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The reason I started this blog was because I wanted to start writing more. I am surrounded by wonderful women who seem to have a gift for making written words dance and sing. I have a gift of gab. I can talk all day long but I don't enjoy writing, even though I really want to. I want to be able to write as much well as I talk. I want people who read my writing to know me as well as the people I talk to do.
I'm really tempted to try this because I'm the type of person who needs outside motivation to do things. For example, I need an appointment with someone to make myself go to the gym. I needed a friend to convince me to sign up for a 10K to make me get serious about running (which really isn't working but that's a whole other post waiting to happen). I need to invite people over in order to get motivated to clean my house (I really enjoy having a clean house so I must do more inviting).
On the other hand, it seems quite silly to commit to blogging everyday for 30 days when I average about 3 blog posts a month. Someone like me should probably set smaller goals like blogging once or twice a week for a year (or maybe for a month).

Maybe I'll do NaBloPoMo or maybe I'll fail miserably. If I fail, it's not like anyone will think less of me, anyone besides myself.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Do You Ever Feel Like Wearing A Sign?

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are finally civilized enough to take out in public without me having to worry about being utterly embarrassed by their behavior. On Friday I happened to be feeling like a nice mommy so I agreed to take all the Things to Jamba Juice after I picked them up from school. We placed our order for 2 Power sized Peanut Butter Moo'ds, substitute strwaberries for peanut butter, with immunity boosts, split into 5 cups. It's a yummy chocolate, strawberry & banana treat.
As we were waiting for our drinks, I noticed a woman staring at us. I'm used to people looking at us when we are out in public but this woman was studying us. She kept looking at each Thing, then at me, then from Thing to Thing, over and over again. She was so busy scrutinizing my family that she didn't even notice that I was watching her do this. I almost wanted to ask her if she had any questions.

Maybe I should make it easier for people by wearing a sign that says:

  • Yes, they are all mine (even the pale, blondish one)!
  • They are bi-racial.
  • Two of them are twins. Nope, not that boy & the girl. The two younger boys.
  • Yes, I realize that one of the twins is much taller than the other.
  • The oldest boy is 10, the girl is 6 and the twins are 16 months younger than she is.
  • Yes I have my hands full and yes, I'm done.
  • Any other questions???
Do you think a sign like that would have stopped that woman from staring?

My favorite part of the Jamba Juice trip was the man who commented "It looks like a school bus!", as I was rounding all the kids up into the van.
Do people really think these kinds of comments are cute?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

She's One Of The Many Reasons I Run

My Aunt left me this amazing comment in my Running for Life post that I had to delete because she had a few personal details that I'd rather not have on my blog. Her words were so beautiful that I had to repost them (an edited version).

I think it's time to make sure my wonderful, generous, and so full of love niece/sistah knows how much I appreciate and love her. Doulala, as I'm sure everyone who knows her is aware, is an unbelievable support system. Most times, before you even know you "need" she is there offering to help. We have a special relationship - always have. Even though I told her she looked like a monkey when she was little! From diagnosis to today, Doulala (and all her "things") have taken care of me and allowed me to basically take over their home (her poor husband!). As only "Aunties" can do - I had those "things" in boot camp! Hey I was bored and on drugs. At times they asked me, "when are you going home?" But, with was all with love! Doulala...thank you for ALWAYS being strong for me when I wasn't able to be strong for myself. I love you ding dong...

You are always welcome, my wonderful (but crazy) Sister/Auntie! I love you too!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Get Movin' iMix

For some reason iTunes didn't include all of the songs on my play list but here's most of them.