Wednesday, October 17, 2007

She's One Of The Many Reasons I Run

My Aunt left me this amazing comment in my Running for Life post that I had to delete because she had a few personal details that I'd rather not have on my blog. Her words were so beautiful that I had to repost them (an edited version).

I think it's time to make sure my wonderful, generous, and so full of love niece/sistah knows how much I appreciate and love her. Doulala, as I'm sure everyone who knows her is aware, is an unbelievable support system. Most times, before you even know you "need" she is there offering to help. We have a special relationship - always have. Even though I told her she looked like a monkey when she was little! From diagnosis to today, Doulala (and all her "things") have taken care of me and allowed me to basically take over their home (her poor husband!). As only "Aunties" can do - I had those "things" in boot camp! Hey I was bored and on drugs. At times they asked me, "when are you going home?" But, with was all with love! Doulala...thank you for ALWAYS being strong for me when I wasn't able to be strong for myself. I love you ding dong...

You are always welcome, my wonderful (but crazy) Sister/Auntie! I love you too!

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kristina said...

I often think that there should be doulas for medical life events too - such as hysterectomy or chemotherapy. Good job being a "boob doula". :) And Auntie, I wish all the best in health for you.