Sunday, January 13, 2008

Biblical Twin Birth

My mother called me today to ask me to explain this scripture to her.
Genesis 38:27-30. It says:
27 Now it developed that in the time of her giving birth, why, here there were twins in her belly. 28 Further, it turned out that when she was giving birth one extended his hand, and the midwife at once took and tied a scarlet piece about his hand, saying: “This one came out first.” 29 Finally it developed that as soon as he drew back his hand, why, here his brother came out, so that she exclaimed: “What do you mean by this, that you have produced a perineal rupture for yourself?” Hence his name was called Pe′rez. 30 And afterward his brother upon whose hand the scarlet piece was came out and his name came to be called Ze′rah.

I can't picture this birth. Baby A's hand came out (and was out long enough to have something tied around it), he drew it back then Baby B was born, causing the mom to tear?
I told her it couldn't happen. I also told her to keep in mind that the book of Genesis was written by a man. My mother reminded me of the scripture that says "All Scripture is inspired of God", meaning that since God inspired Moses to write about this birth, it must have happened. I still believe this is physiologically impossible.
Any birth professionals out there who can make sense of this one for me?