Sunday, December 3, 2006

Mommy and Me

My mom is a pretty cool chick to hang out with. I used to hate when people called me Little B but now, I so want to be my mom when I grow up. I'd like to not need to be as busy as she is (that won't happen since I have 4 kids to her 1) but I'd like to be as cultured, as smart and as patient as she is.
Even though I see my mom at least twice a week, we rarely get to spend time together. Most of my "mom time" is actually Grandmama time. I'm usually bringing a kid or two (or four) to her house or she is picking someone (or all of them) up from our house. She is my back up childcare when Hubby isn't available & I have to do birthwork. My kids adore her and I'm guessing she feels the same way about them because she makes sure that each of them get to spend quality time with her.
I was starting to resent all the time my kids get to spend with her that I don't, so Mom and I decided to have GNO (girls night out). Friday night I picked my mom up driving a car that is not all that kid friendly. When I got to the door she went into "mom mode". I obviously wasn't dressed warm enough for how cold it was outside. Instead of leaving with enough time to pick up a bite to eat, we had to go inside and find a coat for me. She was right, my flimsy sweater wouldn't have done much for me by the time the movie let out. My mom is always right (another reason why I want to be her). We said goodbye to her hubby and giggled with excitement about being out together with no kids & no hubbies. We were off to see Bobby!
We got to the movie theater, mom bought our tickets and I bought our snacks. Sadly, the movie wasn't as good as it could have been. We knew going in that the movie had received mixed reviews but we had hoped for the best. It was very slow starting, bordering on boring but the wrap up was good. The ending was very touching.
The best part of the movie was Robert Kennedy's speech that was played after he had been shot. It's called On The Mindless Menace Of Violence. It's amazing how little times have changed. These words could easily be spoken today.

After the movie I drove my mother home. We listened to one of my favorite new artists, Corrine Bailey Rae, and I found out that my mother loves her too. I told you she's cool.

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Michelle said...

Aw, can I borrow your mom sometime? She sounds so cool!