Saturday, December 30, 2006

Thing 1 and Thing 2

The other day the twins were going through my purse looking for gum. They found a tampon and ran up to me to ask what it was.
"What's this Mommy?" Thing 1 asked.
"It's a tampon" I replied, thinking a simple answer would make them lose interest.
"Where do you put it?" Hmmm, how do I explain that one and what would make Thing 1 ask such a question? I decided to say nothing.
"Do you put it in your mouth?" Thing 2 asked.
"No" I said calmly.
"Do you put it in your ear?" Thing 1 said while tyring to stick the tampon in his ear.
"No" I repeated, wishing I could change the subject.
"Do you put it in your nose?" Thing 2 giggled.
"No!" I yelled, "I put it in my vagina!" I snatched the tampon away from them and put it away.
"Oh!' they replied softly, sounding a bit confused.
I breathed a sigh of relief, thinking I was done trying to explain tampons to a couple of 3 year old boys.
All of a sudden Thing 1 pipes up "Show us!" and Thing 2 exclaimed "Yeah, show us!"
"Please!" they begged in unison.
I could only respond as any other loving, communicative mother would.

"No! Now get out of here and leave me alone!"

Oh, the joys of raising little boys!


Connie said...

Oh the joys of motherhood. Some things just don't come easy do they. I would have said it is like a sponge for moms. Wanna see it work? Then I would have gotten a class of water and dropped it in and let them marvel at how it expands. They would have played with the cup of water and I would have taken the couple of minutes to get something done. Of course this action would have gotten me in trouble later as I would have found my boys going through my purse looking for sponges to play with but what the heck all in fun.

Doulala said...

What a smart idea Connie! I never would have thought of taking the time to explain it to them that way. I can imagine finding wet "sponges" all around the house though. Ha!

Michelle said...

I can't wait to have to explain tampons to my daughters. Not really, I can wait.

Funny story, tho!

Leigh said...

Hilarious! Thanks for sharing this lighthearted story. Plus, it gives you good ammo to use to embarrass them in front of future girlfriends or evey their dude friends. LOL.