Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm In Repair...

...I'm not together but I'm getting there.
John Mayer

Some of you know that I've been working on losing weight since early March. I'm trying to get down to around 140 or a comfortable size 8.
Six months after the twins were born I weighed more than 200 pounds. I was a mother of four, 29 years old and overweight. I set a goal of losing 50 pounds before I turned 30. I wound up losing 60. The first 30 came off just by changing my eating habits. I had to get my butt in the gym to lose the rest.
Unfortunately once I reached my goal I stopped working as hard. I slowly added Oreo Blizzards back in my life & stopped going to the gym. To my surprise, the weight stayed off. Woo hoo! I could eat what I wanted and be a lazy bum (as lazy as 4 children would allow).

Then I weaned the twins. Slowly but surely my weight crept back up. By February of this year I was back up to 167 and spilling out of and over the top my size 10 jeans (I had no business still trying to squeeze into those pants).
So now I'm back to eating right, going to the gym, and doing my best to resist the call of Dairy Queen (have you seen June's Blizzard of the month? Waffle pieces, chocolate chunks and caramel, YUM!). Doing all of this has helped me drop 15 pounds and fit in my size 10s comfortably (sometimes they are even a little loose).

I've had 2 births this past week so I've been slacking on my work outs, and not eating the greatest. It's hard to eat right when you're up in the middle of the night supporting someone in labor for hours and hours. It's also hard not to give in to your cravings for ice cream when it's 110 degrees outside. I've tried June's Blizzard at least three times this month.
Today I was in a hurry and pulled on a pair of jeans. They were unusually snug and my first thought was "Ok, these are fresh out of the dryer, no big deal". As I rushed out the door I realized I couldn't move real well in theses jeans and I had a serious muffin top (more like a big ole' inner tube). I started getting seriously depressed. I couldn't believe that just a few days away from the gym and a Blizzard or two or three could make my comfortable, almost loose jeans impossibly ill-fitting.
Suddenly I remembered that some of my jeans from two years ago were in the same drawer as the ones I wear on a regular basis. I found a bathroom so I could check out the tag. Lo and behold, I was wearing a size 8! Suddenly I went from being depressed to being excited! I could actually pull on, button and zip an 8! I still have a way to go before they will be comfortable but I'm getting there.


Karen said...

I've just been excited because I can breath in some of my size *ehem* 20s!

Jane_hates_Dick said...

You're not in repair, because you were never broken. You were perfect then, and you're perfect now. That being said, hooray for doing things that make you feel healthier. Here's to your heart! Your lungs! Your joints! It feels so good to move these bodies we live in, huh? Love you.

Doulala said...

I know you've been working on it so, way to go!

you always know the perfect thing to say. You are right. My body feels better because it is healthier.
Love you too!

Melinda said...

Congrats to you. I have been a size 8 once in my life and felt fabulous. That said - I think you looked fine before. You are perfect no matter how much you weigh and I love you.

Doulala said...

Ah, my dear sweet Melinda, thank you so much! I love you too!

marybeth said...

your hot.

Conne said...

You are perfect just the way you are always and forever. I am glad that you are working on making you feel better and you are doing a great job.

Marie Green said...

I'm a doula too, so glad to have found you! I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

So honest, so truthful, so real!!!My dear, whether I decide to lose some weight or are an inspiration to me AND my big fat butt. Thank you!
P.S. Only 3 blizzards so far??? ;-D

Doulala said...

Marybeth - You are hotter than hot! ;-)

Connie - Thank you! You are wonderful, as usual.

Marie Green - welcome! Come back anytime.'

Anonymous - If you are who I think you are, you have ALWAYS been my inspiration (fat or thin). And I may have miscounted, it's probably 4 or 5 Blizzards. ;-)

Kendra said...

Ahhh! How Exciting!!!! When I have my baby I plan on starting a blog about losing the baby weight. I think that blogging about it might make me more accountable since people will actually be reading my journey. Ahhh the things us women go through!