Thursday, November 1, 2007

I Can't Get The Doobie Brothers Out of My Head

It keeps you runnin', yeah it keeps you running...

I must be nuts! I let someone convince me to do a 10K run that is just 10 days away. What in the world was I thinking??? That is 6.2 miles! I am in such trouble! I haven’t taken training for this seriously enough. I have been running 3 miles at least twice a week, sometimes 3 times a week for the last few months. “If you can run 3 miles regularly, you can run 6, no problem”. This is what my whack job of a friend said to me to convince me to sign up, and I believed him. The problem is I run those 6-9 miles per week on a treadmill, which I am now learning is much different than running outside, on pavement.

Yes, I am nuts!

Yesterday I ran 2 miles (on the treadmill) , then boxed for a half an hour, then ran another 2 miles (one on the treadmill and one around the track). Surprisingly, I feel fine today. I boxed again today but didn’t run because I had to watch Jane’s girls for her (Thanks for getting me out of running Jane!). I am supposed to somehow run 5 miles on Saturday and then next week a friend of mine is going to help me train so that I can run 6 miles by next Sunday. Yeah, right! I’m going to go from running 3 miles, (occasionally 4) to running 6 miles in less than 10 days.? Dear readers, you should start saying your goodbyes now. Anyone want to volunteer to help Hubby raise the Things?

The only thing that might save me is that I am on call for two mamas right now. Maybe I’ll get called to a birth! November 11th sounds like a wonderful day to have a baby, don’t you think?


Jane_hates_Dick said...

You can do it! Rah! Rah! Rah! (But if you don't survive, I call dibs on the shortest Thing!)

Whack Job said...

Yeah you totally can do it!! No worries.... Adrenaline is a powerful thing. The first mile and a half is all adrenaline because runners are all around you and its new and everyone is tripping over everyone. The last mile is all adrenaline because you are so close and everyone is cheering you on. So all you have to do is run 3.5 miles and you are good!! You gotta love that logic.

Doulala said...

See, I told you! He really is a whack job. lol
This is the guy who just one day decided to run a half marathon, without training for it! He's crazier than I am.