Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Us

As of last night I have been married to Hubby for 9 years. The first few years of marriage were challenging but we are finally at a point where we like each other (most days). We will be celebrating this weekend by going to a fancy restaurant for dinner.
Our actual anniversary was spent arguing over a personal training contract that I signed last month that he didn't know about. The contract is no longer in effect so, in my opinion, it should no longer be an issue, Right? OK, maybe not but I'm not interested in arguing over it.
I also went to dinner with my stepsister. Hubby laughs at me when I call her that because I refuse to call her dad my stepfather, I always call him "my mother's husband". She's visiting her dad who she hasn't seen in almost 12 years (when my mom and her dad got married). We had a nice time eating and talking about how much our fathers weren't there for us. The two of us have a lot in common. Hopefully we will keep in touch.
The most exciting part of my anniversary is the gifts our mothers gave us. My mom is having our house cleaned from top to bottom. Oh boy do we need that! My mother in law is buying us new pots and pans. Yipee!!
Oh boy, I am getting old. I get excited by housecleaning and cookware.


Anonymous said...

He Didn't know about the contract, or was the agreement the two of you would talk it over and the contract was signed anyways?

Damn those little details!!

marybeth said...


i must be old too because the thought of new pots and pans and a house cleaner makes me want to squeal in ecstatic rapture.


Leigh said...

Happy Anniversary, my soul sister!
Bless your Mama and Mama in Law for those fabulous gifts.
Things we never buy ourselves...

Karen said...

Contracts aside, I'm glad you like each other most days.

Enjoy your dinner out! Enjoy your clean house and new cooking stuff.

Doulala said...

Anonymous - The answer is both (more the second one though). Details suck! ;-)

MB, Leigh and Karen - Thank you! You can all come over after my house is clean and I will cook for you using my new cookware!